Creating a matrix formula with Index, Match in VBA

  • Hello,

    I am trying to assign a Matrix formula with Index and Match functions to a variable in VBA. I know it is possible to assign matrix formulas to cells, but that is not what I want per se. I want it in a variable in VBA where I use it, not in a cell.

    The function below works like I expect it to:

    BBb = Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(Sheets("Parameters - DUMMY_ALL_BLOCKS").Range("H:H"), Application.WorksheetFunction.Match("CLA", Sheets("Parameters - DUMMY_ALL_BLOCKS").Range("A:A"), 0))

    But I want multiple search criteria so I tried (for starters with 1 criterium):

    BBb = Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(Sheets("Parameters - DUMMY_ALL_BLOCKS").Range("H:H"), Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(1, ("CLA" = Sheets("Parameters - DUMMY_ALL_BLOCKS").Range("A:A")), 0))

    This fails on a type mismatch. Apparently it can't handle: "CLA" = Sheets("Parameters - DUMMY_ALL_BLOCKS").Range("A:A")

    But this definately works in a regular excel cell. Does anybody know how to solve this?

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