• I am trying to hide the menubars and toolbars that are (sometimes) displayes as soon as a new PDF file is opened via the webbrowser:

    ufPdfs.WebBrowser1.Navigate "about:blank"

    ufPdfs.WebBrowser1.Document.write "<HTML><Body><embed src=""" & txtBePa & """ width=""100%"" height=""100%"" /></Body></HTML>"

    I tried to do this in 'BeforeNavigate2', but that does not have the expected result.

    Private Sub WebBrowser1_BeforeNavigate2(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant, Flags As Variant, TargetFrameName As Variant, PostData As Variant, Headers As Variant, Cancel As Boolean)
    With WebBrowser1
    .AddressBar = 0
    .FullScreen = True
    .MenuBar = False
    .TheaterMode = True
    .Toolbar = 0
    End With
    End Sub

    Does someone know how to get rid of these things?

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