VBA code for adding JPG image

  • I am trying to create a VBA code for adding JPG image into column A with respect to the Value mentioned in column B. But when ever there is a missing image the whole VBA stops. Is there any way to skip this and move on to the next cell. Thanks in Advance.

  • Hi Ajith,

    Don't forget to wrap your code in code tags, and read the rules to ensure you get an answer.

    You should just be able to use something like:

    For x = 2 To lastrow
    If Dir("\\C:\Users\ajith.nair\Desktop\Range\photos for new range Q1\" & pictname & ".jpg")  = "" Then Goto MyNext
    Relevant code
    Next x



  • Dear Justin

    Thank you sooo much.

    Could you please attach the whole code.

    I am relatively very new to this VBA and I really cant understand the changes you suggested.

    If possible could you give me the whole new code with your changes.

  • Hi Ajith,

    This works on the example you sent, change the directory as appropriate:

    Let me know how you go.


  • Dear Justin,

    I know am troubling you.

    But i tried to run the new codes and now non of the pictures are being added to the cells.

    Every cell is blank.

  • It should work, did you change the directory in both spots in the code?

    I have changed the code slightly in the attachment so there is only one spot where you need to change the directory. Are the picture files on you local drive? The code will work for a local drive, it should also work for a networked drive, if it is a web address it will probably require completely different code, test the attachment with a local drive and let me know if it works.



  • The code is working fine.

    But when i try to share it to someone else the images are not displayed. And it shows an error message.

    I noticed that only people who are connected to my server is able to view these attached images.

    Kindly help me find a solution.

    Am attaching the error message here so that u can have a better understanding of my problem.

    I also noticed that the images doesn't show any error message at the receivers end if i "special paste as photo" in each cell individually.

    But I have around 2000 photos to attach which is very tiresome and frustrating.

    Kindly help out.

  • I think the problem is that you are not embedding the pictures. Try this

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