VBA Copy Paste deletes first row after filter blanks

  • I have managed to achieve more or less what i wanted, which is to copy paste a set of rows and delete blanks from examples i found here and on the web.

    But the problem now is after i have copied and paste the rows, i noticed that the first row is always deleted and after i paste another set of rows, the first row gets deleted again.

    Here is the code. Since i merely copied the codes, i dont fully understand what they do thus i am unable to find the mistake. Hope you guys can help me here.

  • Possibly...

    If I've been helpful, let me know. If I haven't, let me know that too. 

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  • Try this. If it doesn't work attach an example workbook showing the layout of the data.

  • Noted, thanks for the heads up and sorry for the mistake. I have also attached the said excel file, code runs with no error but 1 row at the top still gets deleted after pasting. Thanks for taking time to look into this.

    oh, please pardon my method of sorting and getting the data i want, i am a total noob at this.

  • Which sheet are you filtering? It should be called Main but it isn't in the attached workbook.

    Also, your code is working on two workbooks, I presume the sheet should be in OutPut.

  • Try...

    If I've been helpful, let me know. If I haven't, let me know that too. 

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