INDEX MATCH of Two Lookup_Array

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with my excel encoding,

    Here's some points that I want to do in excel.

    I have a worksheet containing a 1st Quarter Sheet, and Database Sheet

    On 1st_QSheet at Column C, I want to inter either an ITEM# (Column A) or DISCPIRTION (Column B) found on Database Sheet.

    Which automatically show the contents of Column C,D,E in Database Sheet at 1st_QSheet Column D,E,F.

    Here's the formula I came up with,

    Show index match at Column A


    Show index match at Column B


    Is there any other ways to combine the two match function?



    I can't combined the two MATCH function because it says of too many arguments,


    This will be allowing me to input either the ITEM# or DISCRIPTION and still be able to show the same result.

    My purpose is to encode either of the two lookup array the ITEM# and DISCRIPTION column at the Database Sheet.

    I have attached a file for your reference and hoping for a possible result.


    Thank you & God Bless.

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