VBA Name write InUse_YES.txt to a folder using Const FileControlFolder

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    Morning All,

    First time user first time question.

    I have a workbook where when a user opens it the code below should write over InUse_No.txt to InUse_YES.txt

    Name FileControlFolder & FileControlSubFolder & "\InUse_NO.txt" As FileControlFolder & FileControlSubFolder & "\InUse_YES.txt"

    I use:

    Option Explicit

    Const FileControlFolder = "H:\PROJECT-OPS\MultipleUsersIssue\FilesInUse\"

    Dim FileControlSubFolder As String

    Which predefines the folder where FilesInUse is

    There is already InUse_NO.txt already in the folder FilesInUse but when I open it there is an error Run-time error 53 File not found - Which quite annoying!

    I attach 2 workbooks with simular code. I was mucking around to see if Im missing something but no avail

    Steven Behr

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