Excel Table where all columns have formulas

  • I have data in the range A1:B100

    Separately, In the range E1:G500, I have an Excel table - all 3 columns (E,F,G) are determined by formula.

    The formula in E1 = if(A1="","",A1), therefore, my table has data in E1:G100, because there is data in A1:A100.

    Now when I add more data, i.e. A101:B101, my Excel table in E-G does not auto-expand, even though there is now data in E101:G101.

    (Yes, I have the auto-correct options all set properly.)

    The green marker signifying the "end" of the table is on cell G100.

    The problem I think, is that data is not manually added to the table in E-G; it is added only by virtue of formulas, dependent on whether or not cols A-B have data.

    Is there a way to force my Excel table in E-G to auto-expand properly in this scenario?

    I know I could simply resize my table to E1:G500 but that will cause issues with charts based on that table, i.e. there would be nearly 400 blank rows in that case.

    Thank you so much!

  • Can you attach an example of the workbook. I don't understand how the formulas relating to the frst table expand in the second table, unless you have entered then manually into the column first.

  • Why can't you include all the columns in the table?

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