Code Matches values and Copies over connected data - Match / Loop crashes excel

  • I have a code that matches a cell value in Column C on Sheet1 to a pivot table on Sheet3 and then copies certain columns over.

    • Code will check how many entries there are on Sheet1 that need to be checked
    • Loop 2: For every value in Column C/Sheet1 with a match in Column A on Sheet 2 it will then copy over the corresponding data from Column B,C,D,E.
    • Since there are multiple matches possible by value/Sheet I am limiting the data pull to three matches (three loops in the code). To achieve that I am increasing i +1 or i+2 to get the next row in the pivot table.

    The table on Sheet 2 is sometimes 10,000+ rows and excel crashes.

    Does anyone have an idea how to speed up the loop codes (Loop2,3,4 are the same) to make it less work intensive e.g. array possibly? They are causing the lock up since I think the code keeps running up and down column A.

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