Excel Cell A1 to the upper right

  • I possess Microsoft Excel for Office 365 MSO. My Excel sheet is reversed so that Cell A1 is in the upper right as in the image below. How do I set my Workbook normal so that Cell A1 is in the upper left?

  • File - Options, then select the Advanced section, and scroll down to the 'Display' setting section and check the Left to Right option in the 'Default direction' settings.

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  • The default direction was Left-to-Right earlier but Cell A1 was in the upper right corner. I just opened Excel again and cell A1 is on the left. However the default direction is now Right-to-Left. I am not sure why Excel is working this way.

  • You can also change that setting on a per sheet basis. Change the default (blue highlight below) back to Left To Right, then scroll down a bit further and check if the sheet itself is set to display right to left (yellow highlight).

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