Summary of workbook

  • I am trying to create a Summary for a workbook. I have a workbook (Book1) with multiple worksheets that contain the same layout (like an invoice). Cell B4 on each sheet is the Customer Name. B14 is the Status. I want to create a single sheet that lists cell B4 of each sheet than lists the same (B14) from each sheet.

    Customer Name Status

    Customer Name Status

    I would also like it if changes are made to B14 (status) or if a new sheet is added to Book1, it would update on the Summary. I am not sure if I need to create Summary within Book1 or create a New Workbook.

    Other Factors: I use an Android device to edit the invoices. I would like to be able to view (not edit) the Summary on an Android device.

  • That's not a good way to do this. You should have a database of all the invoices and a form to populate with the data based on the invoice number.

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