Using VBA Excel to cut and paste information in a from one worksheet to another

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    I'm looking to automatically deposit columns of information from one worksheet to a second worksheet when a certain cell shows "RECEIVED" by using a macro button. All data that is moved from the original spreadsheet will have the blank columns deleted and columns moved together. Each time this happens, the columns will be moved into the next available spot on the second worksheet. I know nothing about VBA. I'm am working on tutorials but this may take me until the end of time before I finish this project.


  • With the information provided!

    Change all references where required.

    Data depending, there are faster ways but this might be the easiest to understand.

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    Ideally you should attach a sample file ... which would help visualize your constraints ...

    For your info, the fastest method to copy some records to a new, or to an existing, worksheet ... is to use AutoFilter

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  • I would maintain all the data on one sheet. You can then AutoFilter to view Received. This is the most efficient way to manage data in Excel

    If you really need to move data then here's some code using AutoFilter that you can adapt. Post back with an example or questions on how to adapt the code

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