Match one cell value with another then extract row data

  • Could I ask for help writing a formula please?

    I want to see if a value in column E (Ticket Number) matches one in column A (Ref Number). If so count the ID number for each Class where the Ticket Number has been validated against a Ref Number.

    ie in the table the first Ticket Number 538672055899436 also matches in Ref Number (column A), which is assigned to Class A and has ID 0 (Highlighted Yellow)

    Ticket Numbers 186218746914657 and 270138205991737 (Highlighted green) are both matches in the Ref Number column, are both Class B and both have ID =4 ( so the count in the table is 2)

    Ticket Number 162669418927643 (highlighted blue is also a match and so 3 A is counted

    And so on...

    I have a feeling this is a combination of Index /Match and CountIFS but I just can't get my head around the logic in writing the formula ?(

    Could someone more knowledgeable than me help me out please?

    Many thanks


  • You are welcome :)

    Thanks a lot for your Thanks ... AND for the Like :thumbup:

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