Spell Checking TextBox on UserForm

  • Searching I found code to spell check a text box on a userform. I created the following function.

    It works fine except that it is very slow. With everything spelled correctly a text box with 34 words takes 27 seconds to run. One with 11 words takes 10 seconds. It is the Application.CheckSpelling that is taking a long time. Anyone have any suggestions on speeding this up?



  • Hello,

    With the information you have provided ... you should double-check your Variant varWords ... ;)

    Hope this will help


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  • Typo in the code section in the original post. Corrected.

  • I running this at work on a 12 year old PC running Windows 7 and a not up to date office version. I’ll have to try it at home which has current hardware and software to see what the timings are.

    Thanks for the assistance.

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