Vertically align multiline string

  • I am trying to create a multiline string and print it out with the following code.

    The output is attached below.

    How do I create a string where the text is vertically aligned so that Testing3 is precisely below Testing2?

    Is there a suitable formula for the number of spaces before Testing3?

  • Hello,

    You can test the following

    Sub OutputText()
    Dim string1 As String
    Dim string2 As String
    Dim i As Long
    string1 = "Testing1" & Space(4) & "Testing2"
    string2 = "Testing3"
    i = Len(string1) - Len(string2) - (Len(string2) / 2)
    string1 = string1 & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & Space(i) & string2
    MsgBox (string1)
    End Sub

    Hope this will help


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