Check button to run through all tables

  • I've discussed about it with my peers and we thought that a few ideas should be implemented to the final result. On the "Shift Schedule" tab we thought on 2 more filters in addition to "Month" and "Year", so that way we can manage the employees and shifts throughout the months in an easier way. Also, the table on the bottom showing the names for the specific date chosen, is a nice feature that we want to keep.

    The only thing that we see as a problem at the moment is that the final format should be sent close to the format I've attached, which is quite bad to manage everything. On this part, I believe that the VBA would come up to generate the format we need to send, based on the "Shift Schedule" tab.
    What if I have a button to check all the statements/rules and then another button to actually generate the spreadsheet?

    I don't think we need to track anything, but once we fill in the "Shift schedule" table, we are just gonna leave as it is.

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