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  • Hi all,

    I recently remembered I had an old version of the File Size Reducer that I downloaded years ago. I have a workbook (or 3...) I want to try it on, but I can't remember where it actually places the "File Clean" on the ribbon. The old text file I have says it will be under the "Worksheet Menu Bar".

    Does anyone know/remember?


  • Hello,

    When it comes to reducing the File Size ... you can use the Binary Format ...File > Save As ... and in the File Types select Excel Binary Workbook (*.xlsb)

    Hope this will help:)

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  • Thanks! I do have a couple of tricks I want to try (that being one of them), but I thought since I already had this and it's installed (According to my "File > Options > Add-Ins > Active Application Add-Ins" section) that it would be another tool I could use (If I can find it).

  • Thanks for your Thanks ...AND for the Like :)

    Would you happen to still have the name of this specific Add-In ...???;)

    If you feel like saying "Thank You" for the help received, do not hesitate to click the "Thumbs Up" icon, below, in the bottom right corner:)

  • It's "File Size Reducer" :)

    The file name is:

    File Size Reducer.xla

    The accompanying text file is called fsr.txt and has general instructions on how to use an add-in and then a blurb about this particular one. I'll paste it below:


    Installing Any Excel Add-in


    1: Save the *.xla to your hard drive. This will be a spare, so keep it in a safe place!

    2: Again save a copy to C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns\ .

    If not any location, just take note of it for step 4.

    3: Open any Workbook.

    4: On the Tools menu, point to Add-Ins and click Browse.

    Locate your add-in, select it and then click OK.

    5: Ensure your add-in is in the Add-ins available: box and it is checked.

    6: Now click OK and your add-in is installed.

    Look for "File Clean" on the Worksheet Menu Bar. Keep in mind that only workbooks that have increased unrealistically will be reduced in size.


  • The menu for an xla addin will be in the Addins Tab of the Ribbon which appears if you have such addins installed. It assumes that the addin has the old style menu.

    I believe this was an old addin available from MicroSoft

  • One of the other add-ins I have is CellView from Chip Pearson, and that indeed shows up on the Add-ins tab.

    I thought the File Size Reducer was from this site (but it was free when I got it), which is why I was asking here if anyone knew.

  • Yes, I am glad both sites are still up and running!! :)

    Big props to all you who answer questions for those like me who are in and out.

    My only purpose for mention Chip's site was this: Chip's CellView is the only one that shows up on my Add-ins tab, but even though both that and the File Size one should be in that tab, CellView is the only one that is visible.

    Thanks for all the input


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