Best way to make a CSV file out of an excel invoice?

  • I need to make CSV files out of invoices that are sent to me in excel format. They look like this:

    I've been doing it manually and would like to speed up the process. I'm looking for a solution where I can copy the invoice to one tab and have the data appear in "CSV ready" format on another tab, which I would then save as a CSV after the boss approves the numbers but I am open to other ideas...bearing in mind the boss has to approve the numbers.

    At first, I thought Excel's new array formulas could be a fun way to do it but then I came across one customer whom I've named 'Fast Freddy' in the example picture who made identical payments on the same day in the same amounts which throws off my Unique formulas. I tried appending row numbers but couldn't get that to work.

    So I'm thinking I'll need to go the VB route but before I go down that path I thought I'd post it here for feedback. Any suggestions much appreciated.

  • Hello,

    Once your data is ... in what you are calling your " CSV ready format " ... you can use VBA which offers the CSV format

     SaveAs Filename:=yourCSVFileName, FileFormat:=xlCSV

    Hope this will help


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