Global Workbook Sharing code - need help

  • Hello y'all. Need help with the attached file.

    I've seen this tutorial from YT about Global Workbook sharing and applied it to my current project. However, it is not working as intended - atleast on my file. I downloaded the excel file from that tutorial and its working fine - also attached the file here.

    On the file Draft 4, entries on the calendar should be entered through M4:M9. After that, the entry would appear on the calendar reflecting the date on M3. As you can see, if you select any of the dates on the calendar, the date on M3 would also change. The LoadDay() macro enable the user to load all entries on each day and show it on column M4:M9 when a day with entry is selected.

    What's the issue I am having?

    I copied the code from the workbook tutorial and change references to match what I need for my project. According to the tutorial, the code below SHOULD create all folders for the user under "Admin" tab and create a Notepad recording changes for the defined range. In my case, it only creates a folder for the "Current User" instead of creating a folder for ALL user and it does not create any Notepad file for the changes made on the range.

    The macro below allow the "Synch" button to run and reflect all changes from the original workbook to the copy workbook.

    I really hope someone could help me figure out what I am doing wrong here. I would really appreciate it.

    Initially, I think I have a problem with the range I declared below. But, I am not sure how to move forward.

    If Not Intersect(Target, Range("M11:M18")) Is Nothing Then

    Thank you so much guys!

  • Hello,

    Are you trying to replicate what Randy is presenting is this video :

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  • Without looking into your actual code ...would recommend to stick to his model and truly replicate his code ... before trying to enhance it

    For example, why don't use the very same event Worksheet_Change ...

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  • That's the thing, I am not really enhancing it, per se. The column #s are almost identical to each other. The difference is the sheet #. I had problems initially with the Appointment scheduler, so what I did is re-do my design and replicate what Randy did. It did work at the end, but it took some time for me to correct the codes again. Haha.

    On this case, there is a big difference to the range Randy is using on his example (Workbook Sharing) compared to the range of the calendar as it is dynamic.

    For instance, on the Global Workbook Sharing file, the range he declared is D5:K18 and this range isn't dynamic. Meanwhile, on the appointment scheduler there is a range where you put entry's to the calendar, you also have a range for the calendar itself, you also have a database at the back end where those entries are saved. I think this is where the problem is on my project. At least, to my very little knowledge, that's where the problem is.

    So as much as I want to really just replicate Randy's work, it's not really letting me do it. Hahaha.

  • Oh. I placed the code on the wrong sub. Lol. Placed the worksheet code under Worksheet_SelectionChange instead of Worksheet_Change. That's a stupid mistake. Hahahahaha. Will try to transfer the code. Currently, the file force close when I transfer the code.


    Yeah. I transfer the code and Excel just close everytime. ?

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