Reading the specific part of the text line using SEEK

  • FileThere are 2 files.

    • An excel file in which there are 4 columns consisting of 380 entries. The only column of my use is 2nd column.
    • A notepad++ file in which a script is written.

    I have to replace specific part of the script (one text value to be exact) with the value from excel data. For ease of understanding, say I have to replace "test_desc" from excel into the notepad++ script.

    This is my code. I have opened the file, able to read each line, but I don't know how to access specific position of that line so that I can replace that value with "test_desc"

    I have been reading about doing it the other way using Open "File" for input as #1 , but the issue persists and I believe the logic is kind of same for each method

    If I cannot automate it, I have to replace it for 380 files manually. Kindly help me resolve the issue
    Thanks in anticipation

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