Highlight key words and paragraphs in all word documents in a set folder

  • I don't se Word VBA very often, but try this on some dummy files

  • Hi Roy,

    I currently have a macro in excel that converts PDF’s in a folder to word, I was then hoping to run another macro to follow on in excel from the same command to do as mentioned. Then convert the word docs back to pdf, which I think I can do myself.

    I’m yet to try your code, but thought I give you the heads up. ??

  • Hi Roy,

    I have tried to run your script but nothing happens. Please find code below. I did run the first part direct from MS Word 2016 just to test it and it runs a charm. However I need to run it from Excel, to loop through multiple word documents that are in the same folder.

  • See if this works

  • Hi Roy,

    further to my previous comment. Your code works when used with vba in Word, however when checking the individual word documents nothing is highlighted. You can see the word documents being opened and closed when the macro is running, but ideally I’d like it to run from excel.

  • As I said, the code to highlight is yours. I don't really use WORD VBA. I'll look at running from Excel as soon as I get chance.

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