countif confusion

  • 1. Having difficulty using countif on a SalesAnalysis worksheet to count the number of sales per year by looking at the Year in the Date Sold column on the Ebay inventory sheet,

    2. On the Ebay Inventory sheet, having difficulty creating a countif formula in the Date Sold column in a way that allows adding new rows of data without having to change the formula.

    3. On the Ebay Inventory sheet, rows 889-894, don't uderstand why #VALUE! appears but not in the rows before and after with the same formula.

    Insight will be appreciated.

  • Hello,

    Not sure to understand all your requests ...

    Regarding #3, in the Ebay Inventory sheet, for rows 889-894 ... just delete the blanks located in Column C ...;)

    Hope this will help


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  • For #1, enter this in B4 then copy across:

    =COUNTIFS('Ebay Inventory'!$C:$C,">="&DATE(B1,1,1),'Ebay Inventory'!$C:$C,"<="&DATE(B1,12,31))

    For #2, I would convert your data into a table, then use a reference to the table column - that will auto-expand as you add new data.

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