Need Help on this script I am working on. I have it doing most of what I need.

  • Hello everyone. I am new to VBA and I am new here so please be gentle. I have one Excel Workbook with 5 different sheets. I want to select a value from Column A on Sheet 1 and Search for it on Sheet 3. If it finds the matching value in Column A on Sheet 3, I want to copy the values from the current row in Columns F, G, J, K, and L. If the value isn't found on Sheet 3 then I want to copy the entire row from Sheet 1 and paste it to sheet 5.

    What I am attaching will find the value from Column A in sheet 1 on Sheet 3. It will also copy and past the values from columns "H to L". The biggest issue is if a value is in Sheet 1 that isn't in Sheet 3 it gives me a error and I have to change the starting point so skip the row that can't be found. I would rather that row be copied over to a new sheet to track those and not have to manually adjust the starting point. I know it will be an If, Then, Else statement but I'm just not there yet to get everything to play nice.

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  • Do you really want to Loop this many times? Each time selecting Sheet1?

    You don't need to select the sheet at all. Looping to find and copy is a very inefficient method.

    What is MTNOI?

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