usf creation of pdf & xls separately and sent them in email

  • Hello everyone. I am new and Absolute nutshell to VBA and I am new here so please be gentle.

    I have one Excel Workbook with many different sheets

    i am trying to make a userform that allows me to choose from five of the sheets and

    1 - creation of separate xls files without macro without external links and also without specific photos (delete not hide) for each sheet chosen

    2 - creation of separate pdf files with all photos for each sheet chosen

    3-- creation of separate pdf if it was not done and sent them by email with yahoo not with google (email is in TextBox2 = Range("D5"))

    I work exclusively from the first sheet "Acceuil"

    sheets contains other photos then specific :

    "hanifatoys" - photo = "HHH"

    "Aternal" - photo = "AAA"

    "Arba" - photo = "BBB"

    "FINALE" - photo = "FFF" planned not yet made

    "BL" - photo = "LLL" planned not yet made

    sPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\2021\" & ActiveSheet.Range("D4") & Format(Range("D6"), "-dd" & "-mmmm" & "-yyyy-") & Format(ActiveSheet.Range("D7"), "000") & "\"

    thanks in advance

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