Auto copy and special paste data from on workbook with multiple sheets to another.

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  • Other forum post with lots of information

    If you view the above link you'll see what I have been working on. Which, by the way works amazingly for what I was a concept that I was messing with to a realization which I am grateful for. Which leads me to a new idea that I want to try and am curious if it is possible. On to the task at hand.

    I currently have two excel databases that change based on my criteria. It's actually a serial number generator with each part having its own sheet and a log on the last sheet that the VBA is capturing/deleting duplicates (See above thread). What I want to do is combine these two databases into one workbook but instead of having the log in the same workbook I'd like to have it in another in real time. Would this be possible?

  • You really expect is to go to another Forum to read your question?

    It's this forum and you were the one that expressed that I should make a new post with this specific question. If you would like I can copy and paste every detail here in sequence. I was unsure if I should considering the progress that was made in that other post and I wanted to give credit to those who helped me. There's no need to be rude or condescending.

  • I thought you meant to go to another Forum.

    Neverless you should explain what you want in this question.

    Very well. Essentially what took me so long was adding both databases into one workbook as to make logging easier as well as keeping the format as close to the same per worksheet. IE not needing to open two workbooks to accomplish the same thing I could do with 1 workbook. With the first workbook I currently have utilized from the above mentioned forum threads VB code to auto log when the sheet is selected. Which works amazing and I highly recommend using it to anyone who has a similar situation they're trying to work with. Don't forget to give thanks to the ones who helped.

    What I am wondering is if there is a way to do the same thing as the auto logging in the first file but have it save to the second file?

    So from here Test full DB (Macro Enabled).xlsm to here SN Log 2021.xlsx instead of having it do it in the same worksheet as you can see in the first file.

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