Help setting up Compare /Marking Scheme / master /student responses/ allocate grade values.

  • Hello,

    I have a created a marking scheme, for a payroll exam.

    I would like to compare my master file answer (5 Report Template 1.0) with a students submission (That I would copy from their work book or inspect value directly if its possible)
    and apply the assigned marks for each correct answer using the Marking Scheme.

    Note: Named ( report references start with a black filled cell)

    As a quick analysis I can use conditional formatting to compare 6 Report Template 1.0 to my Master answer 5 Report Template 1.0. Where deviations appear as red/orange fill.

    I would like to move to the cells listed in the Marking Scheme sheet ( Col B) on the Students submission sheet ( 6 Report Template 1.0) to ensure the correct value has been entered. i.e. the student has not made a mistake and changed the order of employees giving a false positive.

    Proposed Solution ...

    I was thinking of applying a fill colour to each of the listed cells in the (Marking Scheme Col B these are the cells that have the values to be graded) and using a comparison if cell background and conditional format = same colour change grade cell to green or control check on. then inspect each cell by clicking or using some sort of drop down list to navigate to the cell referenced. (Marking Scheme Col B)

    Help would be appreciated see attached file.



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