Closing an Userform

  • Hey, I was programming a code which asks for info from de user to proceed, most of my validation were made with the event Exit associated with the Textboxes. My problem is that I used some Msgbox to cary the result of some mistake made by the user to show him what he probably missed, the real problem is that If the user enter with invalid info and he decided to close the UserForm, it will make a rain of MsgBoxes appear with the messages of his mistakes, despite of the application being already closed "Application" that is really not the way I would like it to function in this situation, actually I just intended to close the Userform without those messages appearing after. I know that it is possible when I select to close the Userform it run the Exit events Containg all Msgboxes . So plz, is there a way of forcing the Entire Userform code to stop being read, so It will not be able to validate the info ?

    Anyother advice is welcome, I just introduced myself in VBA.

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