decreasing list of many customers contain zero and precede it

  • hi expert

    I need efficient way to decrease the list of many customers which contain value is zero and any value precede zero so every time it the balance reaches to zero when pay the debit and again the balance become not zero so what I want ignore the earlier balances which zero and relating of it as you see in sheet "account" highlighted by yellow color should ignore them and I expected result in sheet result it depends on COL E

    which value contains zero and any value precede zero should ignore it , and I have this macro but it only ignores the row contains zero in COL E

    I know this is complicated request , any suggestion do that automatically, please ?

  • Hi Alhagag, you can try this:

    It works on the example you sent.

  • thanks

    you seem misunderstood but not show as I put in expected result in sheet result should show all data for any customer with formatting and borders there are some data are missed , it should show all the data with formatting and borders, topics .. etc. I don't write any thing in sheet result please see the result in sheet result

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