Need to copy from sourcesheet to destination sheet only the new data entered based on serial no on the source sheet

  • I am totally new to Excel VBA. But I have a requirement to copy some data from let us say sheet1 to sheet2. I have several columns and rows in sheet1 (source sheet). Now I have to copy only Five columns data from within that where "Ferro Manganese" found in particular one coloum and if found then just copy the data's from the rows of the other 4 columns also and then paste in to the destination rows of the specified column there in Sheet2. Till this step I have done it successfully. Now the users are entering new data to the source sheet the next day and I only need to update those data to the destination sheet. The new data can be selected based on new Serial no on the sheet1 which is available in coloum "A". For every new entry they enter a increased serial number (Which is unique). so If I can check the "Ferro Manganese" condition from the newly entered serial number (from the point Serial no increased) then I can only copy those new data to the destination sheet using the successful code i am attaching it here. I need to learn how to write that extra if condition for increased serial no condition depending on which the paste function will work for only the new data. Due to office data populated in the sheet I could not upload it. But from the code the description I think you masters will understand it easily.

    Please help me.

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  • Hi Roy,

    Thanks a lot and rectifying my mistakes. It was unintentional. From the next time I will definitely follow whenever I post any code and go by the rules only.



  • Hi Roy,

    Actually the The workbook is populated with company data that's why I could not upload it. But I have expressed what I need to know and the code which is working. I just need to check if any rows increased in A coloum in the source sheet and if so then start search for the "Ferro Manganese" in that which is already mentioned in my if condition..if found then already the copy and paste code is working...Only the extra condition of increased row I need the help.

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