Make one empty row only between tables.

  • hi,

    can you help please with VBA to remove any extra empty rows between the tables. and keep a fixed number of row , say 1 row only. so all the vertical separation between tables will be the same.

    please check the attached file.

    there is actually more than two columns of tables ,but i give sample of two.

    highly appreciate you help.

    thanks in advance.

  • Use built-in Excel Tables. Then when a new table row is inserted, or a row deleted, the tables below the Table where the row was inserted or deleted will automatically move down or up accordingly. Thus maintaining a constant gap between each Table.

    I am attaching your workbook with the right hand tables converted to built-in Excel Tables. Note I have also removed the bottom row of each table and replaced it with a Totals Row, that Total will adjust automatically for all changes made to a Table.

  • If you are still after a macro solution, I think this does what you are after - try the button on the sheet.

    SampleTables w macro.xlsb

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