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  • Hi,

    I'm pretty new at this and have received a lot of help through this forum but I need just a little more help with an issue I can't seem to figure out. I am running this code and it works fine other than in addition to changing the cell in column B of the found row, it also changes the value in cell B1. In that cell I have a name of "Department" which should not be changed. The only value that should be changed is in the cell 2 columns to the left of the found cell value. Can anyone tell me what I have wrong here?

    Here is my code:

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  • Yes. The dashboard is the main page while the received page kind of hangs out in the background. What happens is there is data placed on the dashboard page, that data is searched for on the "received" page & when it's found, the value in column B should be changed depending on whether the option button is checked or not. For example, if the option button is selected, column B will be changed to "Manual Digestion-Acid Consumption-Retest". If the option is not selected, then column B will be changed to "Manual Digestion-Acid Consumption".

    It is finding the correct row & making the changes as required however it is also changing the "header" cell in column B(cell B1). Any ideas?

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