Multiple ifs in a single Worksheet_Calculate()

  • Hello. Im a beginner in vba and trying to keep a button from being enabled based on 3 criteria and at the same time clear the contents of my range when a criterion is met.
    Thank you.
    This is my code:

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  • 1. Don't use error handlers until you know the code is working. If you do you are suppressing messages that might help understand the problem.

    2. Which sheet is the code in?

    3. There's a typo - Clearcontets

    Try this, if it doesn't work attach an example of the workbook.

  • Thank you so much Roy! Sorry I didn't know how to use the <> thingy..

    The case part works pretty amazing!

    The IF part on the other hand keeps having errors. Maybe because the range that i have there has dynamic dropdown validation?

    i got a named range with this content and i use the name for my validation dropdown on the range $AB$25:$AG$25

    =IF('APD ORDER'!$AB$10>1.5,OFFSET('APD ORDER'!$CT$8,0,0,COUNTA('APD ORDER'!$CT$8:$CT$13)))

    sorry i dont know if im supposed to <> this or not :/

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