How to use specific picture saved in Excel tab in userform picture tool

  • I am creating a quiz and have one question in each row with 1 picture against each question. So for eg. for 1st question a jpg image is saved in cell J2. These image names are set in sequence for e.g. in this case Picture1

    I have created a form with Picture tool and I want to set this Picture1 into image tool in userform. I have searched a lot but couldn't get any simple solution.

    Please note pictures are saved as per the question numbers. For e.g. for question 1 it is picture1, for question 2 it is picture2 and so on.

    Please note i don't have pictures saved in local disk. Its all on the excel it self.

  • You will need to export the image then load the image to the userform.

    If you don't want to do this you can use a MultiPage control with one page for each question, which would contain the question and the specific image.

    Without seeing the userform it's hard to help.

    Here's some code that should work

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