Copying from 1 Worksheet to another, To another!

  • Hi anyone.

    Very basic VBA user trying to learn!

    I've got 3 worksheets - Input, Calc, Output.

    What i need to do is take the data in the Input table, (dynamic number of rows) copy the row into the calc sheet, then take the results on the calc, copy them into the Output sheet- then move on to the next row in the Input sheet, copy them into the Calc sheet again (this can be overwritten each time) and then copy the results into the Output sheet on the next row.

    So I'll end up with the same amount of Rows on the Output sheet, as i start with on the Input file.

    This is what i have so far which works for 1 row of course, but I'm not sure how I get it to work for the next row.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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