Power Query and data retrieval from webserver and archiving

  • Hello everyone!

    I would like to create or use a ready-made tool to get data from a device that has a web server in HTML form. These data are variable (measurement results) and I need the tool to automatically refresh cyclic queries to this web server. All these readings I would need to be automatically archived (say every 10 minutes) with the possibility of exporting to MS Excell sheets.

    environment: enthernet ( tcp ip ) fixed device IP address, widnows 10 pro

    I have tried with ms excell using Power Query but it does not recognize properly all readings from web server.

    The problem is mainly with Date and Time which Power Query does not see at all and I have to use the old way which is Web Query, only then I can extract date and time to ms excell.


    The problem is that it downloads the data for date and time to a single cell and I need in separate cells.


    Another problem I don't really know how to handle history.

    Web server itself does not have functionality of storing values of measurement variables.

    But the measurements are updated in the excell sheet ( every 1 min I have set) and I would have to copy them automatically e.g. to another sheet as a list.

    I do not know how to automate this in the best way, please help

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