Group Workbooks in a Folder based on Number of Rows

  • Hello house. I need urgent help on how to group some workbooks containing one worksheet each with similar data in them but varied rows of data.

    The groupping becomes necessary because I want to run a macro script on them which is row sensitivity and has been giving conflicting results.

    Please, I need the assistance of experts in the house on groupping the workbooks in the folder. The script will run through or loop through the folder by counting the rows and merge similar workbooks based on number of rows in one sheet. I will not mind if the sheets I will be getting at the end will be in separate worksheets in a workbook.

    Thanks for your usual assistance.

  • Already, I have this VBA script that merge workbooks

  • Please house, this problem has not been sold. It has not make me to move on my work. Your quick reply is highly needed. Thanks.

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