Possible to reference cells in array formulas

  • Instead of using={1,2;3,4}, is it possible to reference each of these numbers as cell references. So something like ={RC1,RC2;RC3,RC4}. ie a single formula in a cell that describes a 2x2 array.

    I am trying to solve quadratic equations in a single formula. Ultimately, I want to be able to input a formula something like =index(minverse({RC1,RC2;RC3,RC4}*mmult({RC5;RC6}),1)

    many thanks

  • to follow, the closest i can get to transforming a range of cells into a matrix in a formula is to use the 'Large' function which has an array output, something like =LARGE(A11:D11,{1,2;3,4}), which puts the 4 numbers into a 2x2 array. are there any other functions that do this? many thanks

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