Form webbrowser crashes opening PDF files.

  • I have used this technique before, and the previous forms I have made do work still, but for some reason whenever I try to open .pdf files with the webbrowser on a form now it crashes. In the attached file if you create a c:\test directory it should list the files in the test directory in the listbox when you select from the combobox, it then works to open jpg, xlsx, doc and whatever else is there except pdf files, when you select them from the listbox.

    The attachment is a stripped down version of my working document, but it has the same issue.Book1.xlsm

    Can anyone let me know why this might not be working, and whether you have the same trouble if you test the file?

  • Thanks for the upload and info.

    I tested your workbook just as it is posted. It was able to display the following file types : .xlsx, xlsm, jpg, .pdf & .txt .

    It displayed all of those files without error or crashing.

    I suspect something else is happening on your end with the workbook. Regretfully, there is no way for me to determine what that might be.

  • It works with most files, but there seems to be an issue with pdf files. I've tried different ways to load a pdf including adding a pause to see if that would help, but no luck.

    There used to be an acrobat reader control in the additional controls. I actually thought the web browser had been removed.

  • Thank you for having a look, based on the two results I think it may be related to a windows update, I saw reference to this during some of my searches. I will just have to try a different approach I guess.

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