get scroll bars to show in textboxes in all pages of a multipage userform on activation

  • I have a userform with a listbox at the top showing multiple records. Each record has many fields. These fields are grouped into 6 pages in a multipage control that the user can tab through to show the relevant fields for adding, updating, deleting what is in the listbox. By double clicking the record in the listbox the multipage control is populated and the user can then process the content.

    I am looking for a way to set up all the fields in the various forms where a scrollbar exists at activation so that when the user goes into any of the pages to process the fields in the form it already shows the scroll bars applicable in the multipage control.

    Currently I am using setfocus and curline to go through the textboxes but then I find the screen moves to each textbox to set the focus and show the scroll bar. I want the userform to stay showing the listbox and do this without the screen jumping around - is this possible?

  • Here is a copy of the code I am using to populate my form from the listbox and to then get the two text boxes to show the scroll bars for the user. The one text box is off the screen so it causes the system to move down to that textbox and then return to the top of the userform. I am trying to find a way of stopping the screen movement without redesigning where all my textboxes appear. I have a multipage control I am also trying to sort out but if we can sort this one out it should be straighforward to deal with the multipage.

  • Sorry I will try another forum. My workbook is too big and is not something I can share on a forum like this. Not sure why you would need the entire workbook to deal with the issue though.

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