Insert rows based on cell value

  • Hi everyone,

    So I'm super new to this, but basically I need to insert rows based on the number in a particular cell.

    Columns A-K are filled with data of all sorts, but column K in particular is the exact number of rows I want populated below. For example, column K sometimes has 4, other times it has only 2, so for the one with 4, I would want 4 blank rows inserted in the rows directly below, and for the one with 2, I would want 2 blank rows inserted, etc.

    My list has been growing and doing this manually has become extremely tedious, so any help at all with the coding would come in handy. Thank you in advance!

  • Try this

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  • I have attached it.

    I started by adding the button with the coding inside, so that may be my issue as well. For the variable, I would like all the cells in column K to be the basis of row insertion. Other codes I have used have only reflected from K2, but I need it for each cell in column K. Thank you!

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