Returning Data if Two matches are made

  • So I would like to Populate Columns on the Distribution Log Tab (From the Asset Data Tab)

    C (from C), D (From D), E (From F) L (from I) and P (From H)

    However, In the asset data tab where we need to identify the correct entries to pull the date from using both the ISIN (A) and the Register holder (G) as there are multiple holders for the same isin.

    So on the distribution tab ISIN (N) and Unitholder (G) need to match the ISIN (A) and Registered holder (G) on the asset data tab and pull through the corresponding information.

    I have tried an Index and match but it never works for me. Any help would be really appreciated!!

  • Following worked for anyone else that may need.

    Formula broken down

    =Index('The column you are looking to return',MATCH('The first cell to match'&'The second Cell to match','Where to find the first cell column data range'&'where to find the second cell column data range',0 for exact match))

    =INDEX('Asset Data'!D:D,MATCH('Distribution Log'!$AP3&'Distribution Log'!$P3,'Asset Data'!$G:$G&'Asset Data'!$A:$A,0))

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