VBA Mail Merge Overflow error

  • I'm using the below code to automate the saving of a large number of documents produced by a mail merge.

    The columns in excel are "Docfolderpath", which contains the file path to a folder to save that specific document after it's created in the merge, and "docfilename" is the filename it's saved as. One record is saved at a time.

    The problem is that when I use a much larger spreadsheet (1000 rows with 25-30 columns of data), I get an overflow error when I start the macro. Bear in mind that I still get this error even when I filter for a specific metric in the mail merge

    Any help to change the code would be appreciated, thanks

    Here's a pic of a scaled-down version of the spreadsheet being used


  • Pictures aren't much help, especially on a file sharing site. If you read the Forum Rules you will see that all files should be attached to the Forum.

    Attach an example workbook.

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