Update all values in column "E" between two given ID value.

  • Hello to everyone, this is my first question here. I was looking almost everywhere but i couldnt find solution for my problem. Im not good at VBA, and i ask for help. I have one workbook with 35 worksheets, each sheet for one product, all values are in range "A:G". I created multipage userform that can add product to worksheet that i select in combobox, and that all works perfect. Now, i need a macro that can chage status value for all product in given ID range, ID value is in column "A". For example, one ID is 6000550-1 and other is 6000550-10, i want to update all cells in column "E" between that two ID, By default status value is "On Stock" and i want to change it to "Sent"

    On my userform i have :

    ComboBox2 = Choose which worksheet have wanted IDs
    TextBox1= Enter First ID
    TextBox2=Enter Second ID
    ComboBox3= Choose status ("Sent" & "On Stock")
    Textbox3=Enter date when chage/update was made to "G" column
    Comadnbutton_3  =  run command

    I don t know is this possible like i imagined, but thanks in advance! Any help is welcome.

    Screenshot of example is attached below.

  • Without seeing a sample workbook, below are examples of macros that could update the status values and dates as you've described

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