I'm a VBA noob, need help with VBA script!

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    Hi all,

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to VBA scripts, I've never used it before and I'm not a programmer at all. I found a VBA script online and I don't know enough to modify it to suit my needs.

    The script has 2 functions - HideRows and ShowRows. When you run them, you are asked to specify a range. For example, I can provide the following range:

    'Sheet 1'!H7:H24

    It will then look at the cells at H7~H24 in Sheet 1 and hide or unhide the row(s), depending on whether the cell value is a 0 or not.

    What I'm trying to do is to provide multiple ranges from multiple sheets. E.g:

    'Sheet 1'!H7:H24

    'Sheet 2'!D5:D19

    The problem is that the VBA script seems to only allow one range at a time and I need to modify this to allow multiple ranges.

    For reference, I have attached a test Excel spreadsheet for you to play around with.

  • You don't need most of your code, this will do what you want.

    Sub ShowHideRows()
    Sheet1.Range("H7:H24").EntireRow.Hidden = Not Sheet1.Range("H7:H24").EntireRow.Hidden
    Sheet2.Range("D5:D19").EntireRow.Hidden = Not Sheet2.Range("D5:D19").EntireRow.Hidden
    End Sub

    Read these links to learn where to put the code and how to rub it.

    Where to put the code

    How to run the code

  • Sorry, but that's not a good solution for me. Your code assumes that the range is not going to change and is static. You've essentially hardcoded the range into the solution. The code I shared allows you to define a range and this can be any range from any sheet. This makes it flexible and is what I need. All I'm looking for here is to add multiple ranges from multiple sheets into the inputbox. At the moment, I can only feed just one range into it.

  • Try this, the Input box must be completed as follows:

    Sheet Name & comma & Range & semi-colon & Sheet Name & comma & Range and so on. For example::

    data 1,H7:H24;data 2,O9:O26

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  • Thanks, I'll give it a try at work tomorrow.

    Just for my learning purposeS, could you explain what your code does PLEASE? I sort of get parts of it. I think you're trying to split the symbols ',' and ';' in order to process the 2 different ranges from the 2 different sheets separately. I kinda get the hidden = 1 and 0, which is to hide or unhide the rows. But I don't quite get the rest and my coding knowledge and skills is just rubbish......

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  • I am attaching your sample workbook with the code so you can see it working. I have added a button to run the code.

    Here is the code with comments to help explain what it is doing

  • Thank you. I tested it and it hides the rows in both sheets just fine. However, it doesn't seem to unhide them when I click on the same button and use the same range?

  • Sorry, my mistake, misunderstood that part of your request.

    Change the code to this

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  • You're welcome

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