VBA Script to copy entire rows based on filtered value and paste on separate sheet

  • Thanks for any help some can give in the matter; I've struggled through similar posted answers but have not been able to come up with a script that meets my needs.

    I have an excel table with the following headers on two sheets ("In_Progress" and "Completed"):

    ICAO Identifier Title Procedure Effective Date Procedure Type Spec Maintenance / New Priority Company Assigned Notes Status

    Goal of the VBA Script:

    1- Filter for rows with a value of "Complete" in the status column on the sheet "In Progress". I have the status column being updated via PQ.

    2- Copy the resulting filtered rows.

    3-Paste the copied rows on the first blank row of the "Completed" sheet. I need to be able to run the macro multiple times

    4-Delete the rows with a status of "Complete" from the sheet "In_Progress" after being copied. (Cut does not seem to work due to the values being from two separate tables).

    Hopefully that is enough information to get started; thanks for any help that can be provided.

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