Need help coding index to open selection of userforms

  • Hi-

    Im creating a poor man's small business database. I have excel workbook that has the following sheets- Index, Deals, Companies, Clients, Orders, Invoices, Products etc

    1. Sheet 1 is Index sheet (user interface) to click on buttons to open specific forms feeding into other sheets in workbook (Add New Deal, Add New COmpany, Add new Product) etc

    My question is, how do i code each button on one worksheet, to call to open a userform for data entry into a separate worksheet?

    example: Index has white background with 9 separate buttons. I want to click button " Add New Company" and it opens the pre made Userform that adds data to the "Companies" sheet

    I have tried multiple times to code as instructed but keep getting "variable not defined" or "block If without End If" or module not found

  • Those errors are self explanatory, one means that you are using an undeclared variable, the other that you have an If statement that you do not close with an End If.

    If you want a better answer then attach an example workbook.

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