VBA code to filter worksheets

  • Hi All,

    I'm new on this forum and had a bit of time to go through some subjects about VBA but got "crazy" :S

    VBA is still a "dark forest for me", but I've no other option rather than to turn to VBA in order to see the result I would like to see.

    If someone can help me with the VBA code I would be very thankful.

    In attached file there are three worksheets: First one is consolidated data and other two are split according to the discipline. The common reference for all three sheets is the SPIR NUMBER.

    The idea is to, with a click on the SPIR NUMBER from the first worksheet, it would be redirect me to the worksheet where the value is located and auto filtered according the selection.

    Just in case, I've highlighted the SPIR NUMBER columns on all three worksheets in "light green".

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi royUK,

    By clicking on any selected SPIR number from the first worksheet (column in green), I want the code to open the worksheet where this value is located (either inside the second or the third worksheet ) and auto filter it according selected value.


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