Macro use with DATASTREAMER

  • Hi,

    I'm using datastreamer to gather data from a lab test instrument via com port.

    I have a macro that send a command to "Data Out" waits, receives the data back, sends another command etc about 20 times.

    This gives me 20 lines of Historical data on the "DATA IN" Page. However, no data is displayed while the macro is running.

    Once I have this I need to copy different cells to different places in my report. But I can't automate this with 1 macro because all the cells are blank.

    The workaround I have is to use two macros.

    Macro 1: Gathers all the measurements. Finishes and then all the data appears only after the macro has finished.

    Macro 2: Does the copy pasting of data to the cells i need it to go.

    If i make a third macro and just go, call macro 1, wait, call macro 2. Doesn't work - all blank.

    Surely there is a way to make the historical data appear while a macro is running?

    Any ideas?

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