Help needed to extract multiple entries from cell into generated email using VBA

  • Hello! I know little to nothing about code and what I have figured out I did by trial and error after a lot of googling. I am trying to update a form created for tracking our employee appreciation program. In the image below there is a box where I wrote "Name 1" and "Name 2" and this box is "techadd" in the code. The code will already generate an email when the "Save/Email" button is clicked and use multiple names from the second box which is "lstTechAdded" in the code. What I have managed to do so far is get the email to generate with "Name 2" in the CC section and in the Body From section but not "Name 1". If anyone can give my direction on how to extract more than one name from this cell to the cc and from in the email I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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