Append new data rows (selected columns only) from one worksheet to another

  • Hi - I'm trying to set up a macro that will allow me to move new data rows to another spreadsheet. I'll be pasting the latest report into a worksheet (cvent21). This is will have new registrants added at the bottom of the list. I want the latest new registrants' data to append to the bottom of another worksheet (2021). Though I only want certain columns to copy over. I've tried to teach myself how to do this, but haven't managed it, I'm not up to speed with VBA. Any help appreciated :) I've attached a sample filerolling-rev-test1.xlsx

  • Hello JLW-E,

    See if the following code does the trick for you (untested):-

    I've added a simple criteria column(Z) to determine if an entry is a new registrant. Place a "Y" in a cell and the code will do the rest.

    I hope that this helps.



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