Dependent drop down list with hide used items

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    Hi everyone, I want to make a dependent drop down list but I want to add to it also the ability to hide the used items.

    I will explain it a little bit:

    I have a list of workers and some workers can work only with some workers.

    For example


    Jhon Toni Jhon Tina

    Sam Tina Anna David

    So I want that if I will choose David in the cell under it I will see in the drop down only the bames that related to him (jhon and sam)

    But I want that if I used David I then will not see his name, I dont want to see his name even if I will choose someone that can work with him (like sam for example) but since I used david his name should be removed from the drop down list.

    I saw how can I make the hide used items and how to make dependent list but I cant find a way to join them together

    Thanks for the help

  • I have 7 pairs to make mannager and co. Worker .-

    the mannager will be in A6:G6

    Co worker will be in A7:G7

    I want to make in those cells dsta validation so when I choose in the mannager cells name I will get in the data validation of the co. Worker cell underneath only the names of the people he can work with - A2:A4 for David B2:B4 for tina and so on.

    But if I used some name not matter if as mannager or worker in the next cells I will not see his name in the drop down list

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